Government Violence

This is a Government?

What do you believe? Some would say this is a government full of violence and overreach.  Is it still of the People, by The People and for the People?  Do ...

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Congress Considering National Threat Assessment Program to Predict If You Pose a Threat

By: jprivate It has been nearly two years since I reported on the dangers of creating a law enforcement run Mental Health Assessment (MHA) program. In Texas, police use MHA’s to ...

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Liberty Tyranny

The Taxation Our Founders Hated:

By KrisAnne Hall, JD In light of all the distortions and half-truths that are constantly repeated, let’s be clear –what sparked the ire of our founders was not taxes; it ...

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The Income Tax is Immoral and Unconstitutional – and Not (Just) for the Reason You Think

By Robin Koerner  I have just paid my biggest bill of the year. The invoice was for a cool 9% of my entire annual income – or my “Adjusted Gross ...

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Prior to 1913 No One Paid Income Tax. Why Now?

By: Harold Pease As a nation under the U.S. Constitution we are 230 years old.  It may surprise readers to learn that for the first 124 of these years we ...

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A History of Civil Asset Forfeiture in America

by Brittany Hunter Civil asset forfeiture has become a widely-recognized term, largely because of the long train of abuses that has been brought to the public’s attention over the last ...

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Minnesota Committee Passes Bill to Reform Asset Forfeiture Laws, Opt Out of Federal Equitable Sharing Program

By: Mike Maharrey ST PAUL, Minn. (March 27, 2019) – A bill moving through the Minnesota House would reform the state’s asset forfeiture laws to require a criminal conviction in most ...

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Nullify Asset Forfeiture: TAC Status Report

By: Michael Boldin Asset forfeiture is government-sanctioned theft. While the Timbs v Indiana Supreme Court case brought a lot of attention to this unconstitutional program, it didn’t end it. Not even ...

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