21st Century Slavery

April 18, 2019 16th Amendment / Income Tax / IRS 0

by KrisAnne Hall, JD “Our tax code is the 21st Century version of slavery…the IRS has become the overseer of the American People.”  To many, this seems like an absurd radical statement; ...

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Liberty Tyranny

The Taxation Our Founders Hated:

By KrisAnne Hall, JD In light of all the distortions and half-truths that are constantly repeated, let’s be clear –what sparked the ire of our founders was not taxes; it ...

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The Income Tax is Immoral and Unconstitutional – and Not (Just) for the Reason You Think

By Robin Koerner  I have just paid my biggest bill of the year. The invoice was for a cool 9% of my entire annual income – or my “Adjusted Gross ...

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Prior to 1913 No One Paid Income Tax. Why Now?

By: Harold Pease As a nation under the U.S. Constitution we are 230 years old.  It may surprise readers to learn that for the first 124 of these years we ...

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