January 13, 2023 Deep State 0

by DAVID S. D’AMATO Much ink has been spilled over the past few years on the subject of “the deep state”—what it is, who operates it, where it is located, ...

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The Politicization of the Department of Justice

by Harmeet K. Dhillon The following is adapted from a speech delivered on September 16, 2022, in Washington, D.C., at Hillsdale College’s Constitution Day Celebration. The seal of the U.S. Department ...

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1984 The Operation Manual for the Omnipresent Surveillance State

1984 by George Orwell has become an operation manual for the omnipresent  surveillance state  made up of government and corporations. It’s been more than 70 years since Orwell—dying, beset by ...

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Liberty Tyranny

Cult Idol Worship | Health and Safety

Are we not Americans? Has this land not been purchased by the blood and sweat of our forefathers and friends and left to us by former custodians and stewards of ...

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Government Violence

This is a Government?

What do you believe? Some would say this is a government full of violence and overreach.  Is it still of the People, by The People and for the People?  Do ...

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How dare you question the Great Oz?

October 12, 2019 Deep State / Uncategorized 0

By J.R. Dunn House Democrats are now demanding that the “whistleblower” be allowed to testify by letter. This marks another step forward in the impeachment narrative. Yesterday it was from behind a ...

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And now we see why the panic to impeach!

October 11, 2019 Deep State 0

And the need to focus on impeaching DJT becomes more apparent every day. Romney, Kerry, Biden, McCain, Pelosi, Schiff, Mueller & Clinton are all tied to sketchy Ukraine deals. No ...

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Accountability for the Political Class?

Who in America today paying even scant attention to the Left's plot to unseat President Trump has not heard of Adam Schiff?  While he was not a party to the origins ...

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Ukraine-gate or WistleFaker-gate?

October 6, 2019 Deep State 0

As always, Mike Church, formerly of Sirius/XM Radio fame, is on top of his game.  Here are the “smoking guns” that prove that “Ukraine-gate” really needs to be called “WistleFaker-gate!” ...

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Illinois House Passes Bill to Limit Warrantless Location Tracking, Hinder Federal Surveillance State

By: Mike Maharrey SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (April 10, 2019) – Last week, the Illinois House unanimously passed a bill that would expand a state law barring warrantless location tracking to include ...

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