We the Bureaucrats

March 21, 2018 Government 0

Every year, the Harvard Law Review invites a well known scholar to write the Foreword, which generally involves an important matter of constitutional law. Writing the Foreword is one of ...

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An Empirical Liberty Framework for Debating Gun Control

March 21, 2018 Constitution 0

Those in favor of gun control repeatedly proclaim that something must be done to stop gun violence, to include repealing the Second Amendment. At the same time, those who defend ...

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The Constitutional Freedom Not to Promote Abortion

March 21, 2018 Constitution 0

May a state government legally require pro-life crisis pregnancy centers to post notices or provide information promoting free or low-cost abortion? May a state government by law require abortion clinics ...

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Constitution 101: The Judiciary and Judicial Review

March 18, 2018 Constitution 0

The federal judiciary has arguably become the most powerful branch of the general government. Opinions issued by nine politically connected lawyers have redefined marriage throughout the entire United States, authorized ...

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16 Choice Quotes from James Madison, the “Father of the Constitution”

March 18, 2018 History 0

March 4th marks the anniversary of the beginning of government under the U.S. Constitution in 1789. It seldom gets any popular attention. But it certainly deserves some, especially in an ...

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Refuting 12 Common Claims Against The Right To Keep And Bear Arms

March 18, 2018 Liberty 0

Critics of the Second Amendment often highlight the state of technology in which it was written insofar as firearms were concerned. At the time, one-shot muskets and rifles were cutting ...

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Constitutionalism: Why it Matters

March 7, 2018 Constitution 0

From the Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship The principles of the Declaration of Independence constitute the soul of the American Founding and form the moral basis of government in ...

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Originalist Perspective

March 6, 2018 Constitution 0

by David F. Forte, Professor of Law, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law Written constitutionalism implies that those who make, interpret, and enforce the law ought to be guided by the meaning ...

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On this day in 1770

March 5, 2018 History 0

Today in history, Mar. 5, 1770, a violent incident unfolded on Boston’s King Street, where an agitated group of colonists swarmed around a group of British regulars. This came to ...

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15 Supreme Court Decisions that Shredded the Constitution

March 5, 2018 Constitution 0

When the Court traded law and liberty for political expediency by Sean Rosenthal, published at the Foundation for Economic Education What makes a Supreme Court decision bad? And what are ...

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