Why the “National Public Vote” Scheme is Unconstitutional

By: Rob Natelson The U.S. Supreme Court says each state legislature has “plenary” (complete) power to decide how its state’s presidential electors are chosen. But suppose a state legislature decided ...

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They’re All to Blame for Massive Federal Spending

February 7, 2019 Constitution / Legislature / POTUS / Spending 0

Some people want you to believe that President Trump is totally blameless for massive federal spending. We’ve been hammering Trump for out of control spending on his watch just like ...

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James Madison Won the Shutdown

by Greg Weiner Don’t look now, but even as the punditry complains of peak dysfunction, the Constitutional machinery may actually be creaking back to life. The shutdown imbroglio was Woodrow ...

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Most People Treat the Constitution Like it’s Only a Suggestion

By: Mike Maharrey The Constitution is really just a series of suggestions. At least that’s how most American treat it. The concept of a “Living Breathing Constitution” is the biggest ...

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Founding Principles: Only Congress Can Make Law

January 29, 2019 Constitution / Legislature 0

By: Jim Lewis The very first sentence in the Constitution after the Preamble unambiguously tells us only Congress has the power to make laws. Not the president. Not the courts. ...

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Campaign Finance Reform Helps Special Interests

January 24, 2019 Constitution / Legislature 0

by Ron Paul One of the new Democratic House majority’s top priorities is so-called campaign finance reform legislation. Contrary to the claims of its supporters, campaign finance reform legislation does ...

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Blind Partisanship is Toxic

January 21, 2019 Bureaucracy / Government / Legislature 0

By: José Alberto Niño| Partisanship is one of the illnesses plaguing the U.S. body politic. We see this every election cycle as millions of voters cast straight-ticket ballots for candidates ...

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Divine Right Of Obama

by KrisAnne Hall, JD In the finest tradition of tyrannical Kings from whom the people wrestled liberty throughout history, President Obama has declared ultimate executive power. On Monday, October 24, 2011 ...

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The Emergency Is Outcome-Based Constitutionalism

by Greg Weiner Two points about the National Emergencies Act, on which President Trump would presumably rely to declare an emergency for purposes of building a border wall without Congressional ...

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In defense of the court decision striking down Obamacare

By: Rob Natelson The outrage against the latest court decision striking down the Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare) is misplaced. Much of it comes from people – particularly liberal law professors – who thought the ...

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