The Neutrality Proclamation in a Nutshell

By: Dave Benner Today in history, on April 22, 1793, President George Washington issued a statement that the United States would remain neutral in the ongoing conflict between France and ...

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The Judiciary Can Restore the Power of Congress

by Peter J. Wallison The recent Law & Liberty post by James Rogers, “How to Rebalance Power between Congress and the Executive Branch,” is focused on the right question: incentives. ...

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Supreme Court Lets Trump’s Bump Stock Ban Stand

By: TJ Martinell WASHINGTON (March 31, 2019) – In the film Princess Bride, Wesley tells the revenge-bent Indigo Montoya to “get used to disappointment.” This is also good advice for ...

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National Emergency? Which One?

By: Mike Maharrey So, is there a national emergency or no? The president says yes. Congress says no. Here’s the dirty little secret – no matter how things turn out ...

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Is a Presidential “State of Emergency” Constitutional?

By: KrisAnne Hall My inbox is being inundated with the question de jure: “If President Trump declares a ‘State of Emergency’ to build the wall on the border of Mexico, ...

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Congress Checks the President, But Only Kinda:

By: Michael Boldin In two votes this week, on the war in Yemen and on Emergency Powers – Congress appears to be checking the power of the executive branch. But ...

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The President’s Enumerated Powers, Rulemaking by Executive Agencies, & Executive Orders

By Publius Huldah On election night, November 2, 2010, Rep. John Boehner said in his victory speech: “…While our new majority will serve as your voice in the people’s House, ...

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Emergencies Do Not Trump the Constitution

February 27, 2019 Constitution / Overreach / POTUS 0

by Ron Paul After Congress rejected President Trump’s request for 5.7 billion dollars for the border wall, the president declared a national emergency at the southern border. Present Trump claims ...

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Yes! Trump has constitutional authority to secure our Southern Border

February 7, 2019 Constitution / POTUS 0

By Publius Huldah Instead of reading our Constitution and seeing what it says, Americans get their legal advice from what “everybody says”. Now, they are hearing about “emergency powers”, and ...

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They’re All to Blame for Massive Federal Spending

February 7, 2019 Constitution / Legislature / POTUS / Spending 0

Some people want you to believe that President Trump is totally blameless for massive federal spending. We’ve been hammering Trump for out of control spending on his watch just like ...

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