They’re All to Blame for Massive Federal Spending

Some people want you to believe that President Trump is totally blameless for massive federal spending.

We’ve been hammering Trump for out of control spending on his watch just like we hammered Obama, and Bush before him. But a lot of people want to excuse the current president. They say Congress is in charge of spending so the blame falls entirely on them.

Part of this is technically true. All spending bills start in the House, so it certainly gets the blame for passing unconstitutional garbage. But this doesn’t let the president off the hook too. He has played a big role in the entire process.

In the first place, just because Congress sends him a bill doesn’t mean Trump has to sign it. He could veto anything they send to his desk and insist that Congress send him legislation that actually cuts spending.  

More importantly, in modern times, the president plays a huge role in directing spending. He sends proposed budgets to Congress with requests from the various executive departments. This is the baseline that Congress uses formulate these spending bills.

And the truth is, Trump has asked for all kinds of additional spending over and over and over – like the 2019 NDAA, or a trillion dollars for “infrastructure.”

So yes, Congress is certainly to blame, but the president is a big part of the problem too. No one, and I mean no one, gets a pass when the national debt keeps going up towards 22 trillion – and beyond