Executive Power: Who Made Presidents and Governors Kings?

By: Mike Maharrey Article II of the Constitution defines the role and qualifications of the president. The Constitution delegates specific powers and responsibilities to the executive branch including the power ...

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Does the Executive Branch Have Too Much Power?

September 6, 2019 Executive Power 0

By: Judge Andrew Napolitano Does the president of the United States have too much power? That question has been asked lately with respect to President Donald Trump’s use of federal ...

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The President and Withdrawal from Treaties

By: Michael D. Ramsey Last week the United States withdrew from the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Agreement with Russia, pursuant to the Treaty’s six-month notification period for withdrawal (the notification was ...

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Trump’s Executive Order on Health Care Transparency and the Constitution

By: Judge Andrew Napolitano Many of my media colleagues have been lauding President Donald Trump for signing an executive order earlier this week directing the federal Department of Health and ...

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Judicial Checks and Moral Hazard

by Greg Weiner The ACLU has hailed a federal judge’s ruling last month that President Trump cannot redirect military construction resources to build a border wall that Congress refused to ...

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The President and Obstruction, Briefly

By: Michael D. Ramsey At Lawfare, Josh Blackman has an interesting analysis of the federal obstruction of justice statute as it relates to the Mueller report.  I think we have the same ...

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