Accountability for the Political Class?

Who in America today paying even scant attention to the Left’s plot to unseat President Trump has not heard of Adam Schiff?  While he was not a party to the origins of the coup, once the Mueller investigation/cover-up was begun, Schiff became the self-designated point man, the dedicated fool, the clown, the person who would daily promise that Trump was going to be found guilty of colluding with the Russians in order to win the election.

Schiff claimed, over and over and over again, that he had seen incontrovertible evidence of said collusion.  He lied, as he has done again and again.  There was no such evidence; he was making all that up, certain that Mueller would come up with something.

Schiff is either a mindless tool of the anti-Trump crowd or a naïve true believer who, like so many on the Left, ignores the volumes of actual evidence that it was the Clinton campaign, Clinton pals in the FBI, the DOJ, and the CIA, who colluded with certain persons in Russia, the U.K., Italy, and Australia to derail the Trump candidacy.

Schiff is a congressman in the 28th District of California.  This includes suburbs of Los Angeles; Glendale; Burbank; La Crescenta; and, curiously, after redistricting in 2013,West Hollywood, a largely gay section of L.A. that does not border his primary cities.  Ed Buck, a generous Democrat donor to Schiff and Clinton, was finally arrested on manslaughter charges after the third black man died in his home.  Buck had friends in high places who staved off his arrest but who in the end could not protect the predator of young gay black men.  It is almost certain that Schiff had a hand in protecting Buck.

Currently intent upon taking Trump down for his completely legal conversation with the president of Ukraine, Schiff has doubled down on stupid.  He has some dodgy Ukraine connections himself.  Victor Davis Hanson is right: the Left accuses its opponents of everything leftists in fact actually do. 

Men like Schiff have plagued mankind throughout the ages, in literature and in real life.  He is as unoriginal as they come.  He is Ahab of Melville’s Moby-Dick.  He is Villefort of The Count of Monte Cristo.  He’s Mrs. Danvers of Rebecca.  He is a version of Dickens’s Uriah Heep, the smarmiest of all Dickens’s characters, manipulative and insincere, Iago of Othello.  No need to name the real-life scoundrels, those who periodically cause the deaths of millions.

In short, Schiff is a bad guy, a man without a shred of an ethical or moral core.  He is a reprobate.  Obsessed with hatred for President Trump and convinced of his own magnificence, he embarked on his mission to see him impeached the day after the 2016 election.  Why?  It has become abundantly clear that the Left has never accepted the fact that Trump won the election.  Leftists vowed to overturn those results beginning November 9, 2016.  Like all fascists, socialists and communists, opposition must be crushed by any means necessary.  They traffic in lies and deception.  Schiff is their go-to guy.

While the Democratic Party is chock-full of Trump deniers, Schiff is the dimwitted poster boy for their intolerance of any and all opposition.  He means to destroy Trump no matter how many lies he has to tell.  But he is not very smart; he is a willing tool of the Left.  He is dutifully doing Nancy Pelosi’s dirty work, at her beck and call.  Her fingerprints are all over this latest Ukraine phone call nonsense.

Pelosi has made Schiff her dupe, her front man.  He thinks he’s some kind of hero, but he is a joke.  Sure, the Left-media loves the guy, but the truth is out there…he’s made a colossal fool of himself. 

The truth, the facts, of the Russia collusion hoax have been available for all to read for nearly two years.  Numerous books, countless articles and columns have been written that expose in documented detail the attempted coup of the anti-Trump colluders.  Our Left-media — Chuck Todd, Jake Tapper, Chris Wallace, et al. — are so certain of their unchallenged support among the Left-media, the only media that count in their realm, that they never saw a Trump victory coming and so concluded it was invalid from day one.  That is how clueless, how resistant to reality they are.

They actually think most Americans want to see Trump impeached!  They are very likely in for a surprise.  The man has worked miracles — on the economy, unemployment, getting people off food stamps, revitalizing manufacturing, and making us energy independent!  The icing on the Trump cake is that he loves this country.  He truly does want to make it great again.  His slogan is a clear rebuttal to Obama’s endless apologies for America; Obama did not even like this country.

Schiff and his partners in service of the coup to unseat Trump feel justified in mounting their Kafkaesque pursuit of Trump’s demise. They feel no duty to adhere to the Constitution they mean to abrogate it at whenever necessary to achieve their ends. Adam Schiff is a useful idiot for the Left, for Pelosi. What is pathetic is that he is a willing useful idiot. He seems not to realize that most Americans do not believe his allegations against President Trump. They see him for what he is, an obsessed pol who overstates his own significance. He’s fed his ego but never his soul. May his campaign to destroy our president be foiled at every turn. Mr. Schiff has no business representing anyone. He is a menace to our Constitution-based civil society. His campaign to unseat Trump is a farce. He is the textbook definition of a farceur.