Today in History: 14th Amendment Ratified. Or Was it?

By: Dave Benner Today in 1868, the United States general government claimed that the 14th Amendment had received the endorsement of the requisite number of states to add it to ...

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Supreme Court Simultaneously Tramples State Sovereignty and Fourth Amendment

By: Suzanne Sherman A case recently decided by the U.S. Supreme Court once again reveals the inherent danger of placing virtually unlimited authority in the federal judiciary and centralizing decision ...

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Judicial oligarchy is the wrong way to decide abortion policy

June 27, 2019 14th Amendment / Abortion 0

By: Rob Natelson Nine state legislatures recently have passed laws restricting abortion. Those laws may be good or bad. That’s a different question from whether they violate the Constitution. Part of being ...

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Curb on the regulatory state? Court holds corporations protected from “excessive fines”

By: Rob Natelson Governments often enforce economic regulations though fines far exceeding those imposed for truly criminal conduct. An agency may assess hundreds or even thousands of dollars for each ...

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