In defense of the court decision striking down Obamacare

By: Rob Natelson The outrage against the latest court decision striking down the Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare) is misplaced. Much of it comes from people – particularly liberal law professors – who thought the ...

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Chevron Cannot Be Justified as an Agency Determination of Policy

by Mike Rappaport In my last post on Administrative Law, I noted that many defenders of Chevron deference ignore an essential aspect of such deference: that granting deference to agencies ...

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James Madison Rebukes Nullification Deniers

By Publius Huldah This is The Age of Ignorance. Our “intellectuals” can’t think.  Our “scholars” parrot each other. The self-educated fixate on idiotic theories.  Our People despise Truth and disseminate ...

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Shake Off That “Debilitating Pessimism”

December 31, 2018 Liberty 0

By: Mike Maharrey I’ve run into quite a bit of negativity out there lately. It seems like a lot of people are frustrated and discouraged. I get it. But I ...

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Open Letter re: “Gun Legislation” By KrisAnne Hall, JD

Dear (Senator or Representative), As you begin your legislative duties for this term and will undoubtably be called to debate so-called “gun legislation” please consider the following five points:  1.  ...

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The Proper Role of Government? They Don’t Have A Clue!

by KrisAnne Hall, JD What is the proper role of Government?  We have witnessed the perspectives of those in government, we hear their answers in every politcal debate, but what did ...

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6 Little Know Facts About The Bill of Rights

December 29, 2018 Constitution / Government 0

by KrisAnne Hall, JD Here are 6 little known facts about the Bill of Rights to help you defend Liberty. 1.  The Bill of Rights is not an afterthought of ...

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How Data Collected in Warrantless Surveillance Ends Up Everywhere

December 29, 2018 Bureaucracy / Constitution 0

By: Clay Davis| Recent revelations by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) relating to warrantless surveillance have placed cooperative efforts between state and federal agencies under the microscope. What turned up ...

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The History and Danger of Administrative Law

December 28, 2018 Bureaucracy / Constitution 0

Philip Hamburger Columbia Law School PHILIP HAMBURGER is the Maurice and Hilda Friedman Professor of Law at Columbia Law School. He received his B.A. from Princeton University and his J.D. ...

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December 28, 2018 Constitution / Government 0

Where do “Rights” come from? What is “federalism”? Does our Constitution “evolve”? What’s a “Republic”? What is the function of a constitution? By Publius Huldah Think NOT that you must have ...

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