Federal Courts: A Failed Strategy for Liberty

By: Mike Maharrey

Counting on federal courts to impose liberty is a failed strategy. I recently appeared on the Scott Horton show to explain why.

The Supreme Court recently chipped a little more off the Fourth Amendment, holding that police can pull over a car just because the registered owner has a suspended license. In a sane world that upheld the Fourth Amendment, that wouldn’t constitute probable cause. After all, the owner isn’t necessarily the driver.

But in a world where federal judges define our rights, government power trumps our rights virtually every time. Of course, state courts are bad too, but their opinions only impact that state. SCOTUS decisions apply to all 320-plus million people in 50 states. That’s why centralizing government authority for liberty is a fool’s game. I explain why in-depth in this interview. Scott and I also talk about why there is no such thing as “constitutional rights.”