True Civil Libertarians Must Oppose the IRS

Progressives who work to end individual rights violations committed by the NSA, FBI, DEA, CIA, and other federal agencies usually overlook, or even support, the routine violations of Americans’ rights ...

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American History of Direct Taxation

April 18, 2019 16th Amendment / IRS / Taxation 0

By KrisAnne Hall, JD During the American “Civil War,” politicians figured out a whole new source of revenue…the individual American income.  If they could pull it off, it would invariably ...

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21st Century Slavery

April 18, 2019 16th Amendment / Income Tax / IRS 0

by KrisAnne Hall, JD “Our tax code is the 21st Century version of slavery…the IRS has become the overseer of the American People.”  To many, this seems like an absurd radical statement; ...

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