Government Charity: Unconstitutional & Unlawful

May 13, 2019 Charity / Congress / Spending / Taxation 0

by KrisAnne Hall, JD Americans watch our federal government spend and spend and spend.  Not only paying out tax dollar funded charity to Americans, US corporations, and foreign countries, but ...

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Medicare for All: 3 Big Questions Not Being Asked on Health Care Socialism

May 13, 2019 Congress / Medicare / Socialism 0

By: Michael Boldin Good Morning Liberty: May 10, 2019 When it comes to the debate over “Medicare for all” almost everyone is ignoring 3 big questions – the essential ones, ...

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Federal court rules Ohio’s congressional map is unconstitutional

By Adam Shaw, Bill Mears A federal court on Friday found Ohio’s congressional map unconstitutional, ordering that a new map be proposed by June ahead of the 2020 elections -- ...

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Energy in the Legislature

by Philip A. Wallach The Vanishing Congress: Reflections on Politics in Washington is a curious hybrid. It is variously a primer on Congress’s constitutional duties, a scholarly (though note-less) consideration ...

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The Neutrality Proclamation in a Nutshell

By: Dave Benner Today in history, on April 22, 1793, President George Washington issued a statement that the United States would remain neutral in the ongoing conflict between France and ...

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The Judiciary Can Restore the Power of Congress

by Peter J. Wallison The recent Law & Liberty post by James Rogers, “How to Rebalance Power between Congress and the Executive Branch,” is focused on the right question: incentives. ...

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My Congressman- Tired of The Willful Ignorance

KrisAnne Hall I am tired of the willful ignorance. I am tired of the avoidance of accountability. I am tired of the intentional feigning of ignorance... or the arrogant assertion ...

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