James Madison on the Ignored “Fundamental Principle of the Revolution”

By: Mike Maharrey   Forget schoolhouse history. James Madison exposed a much deeper truth about the American Revolution. It wasn’t just “taxation without representation.” He argued that   This clash, Madison declared, ...

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Power From the People: The Revolutionary Roots of the 10th Amendment

By: Michael Boldin     Thomas Jefferson called the 10th Amendment the “foundation of the Constitution,” and for good reason too. It enshrines many of the radical principles that sparked the ...

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No Deal for Gun Control: How the American Revolutionaries Defied the Empire

By: Michael Boldin     June 12, 1775 –  less than 2 months after Lexington and Concord and the “shot heard ‘round the world,” General Gage made an offer he felt ...

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John Adams: Patriot and Tyrant?

By: Mike Maharrey Many revere John Adams as a great patriot. Others view him as a big-government tyrant. The truth probably lies somewhere in between. Adams was a prominent leader during ...

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Today in History: “Solemn League and Covenant” Published

By: Mike Maharrey Today in history, on June 5, 1774, the Boston committee of correspondence approved and published the “Solemn League and Covenant,” an agreement to boycott British goods. The covenant was ...

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Spying In Plain Sight

By: Judge Andrew Napolitano Last week, the Biden administration asked Congress to permit its agents to continue to spy on Americans without search warrants. The actual request was to re-authorize Section ...

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Rhetoric and Resistance in the Face of Tyranny

November 23, 2022 American Revolution 0

By: Mike Maharrey As the British put increased pressure on the American colonists in an effort to force them into submission, the colonists backed up their increasingly forceful rhetoric with concrete ...

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Today in History: First Continental Congress Passes the Continental Association

November 4, 2022 American Revolution / History 0

By: Mike Maharrey Today in history, on October 20, 1774, the First Continental Congress adopted the Continental Association. This agreement put teeth into the Declaration of Colonial Rights the Congress adopted a week earlier by ...

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Today in History: Continental Congress Adopts Declaration of Colonial Rights

October 29, 2022 American Revolution 0

By: Mike Maharrey On this date in 1774, the First Continental Congress adopted the Declaration and Resolves of the First Continental Congress. This declaration of colonial rights was in response to the ...

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Setting a Foundation: The Virginia Declaration of Rights

By: Mike Maharrey On June 12, 1776, the Virginia House of Burgesses passed the Virginia Declaration of Rights. It is arguably the most important founding document that most people have never heard ...

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