More evidence the feds are exceeding their powers

By: Rob Natelson Scholars working on the Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution are approaching the end of the project they began in the 1970s, yet they continue to publish ...

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Ordered Liberty and the Demands of Law

by Adam J. MacLeod Ordered liberty flourishes where people govern themselves according to reason. Self-governing people make—design, craft, and promulgate—law to govern their own and others’ choices and actions. The ...

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Massachusetts Bill Would Take Step to Block Federal Militarization of Police

April 2, 2019 DHS / Federalism / Liberty / Overreach 0

By: Mike Maharrey BOSTON, Mass. (March 28, 2019) – A bill introduced in the Massachusetts House would take a first step toward limiting the impact of federal programs that militarize ...

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Today in History: Enforcement of the Boston Port Act Begins

By: Dave Benner Today in 1774, Britain began enforcement of the Boston Port Act, passed in response to the destruction of the tea a few months earlier. One of the ...

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Sheriff: You’ll Have To Arrest Me Before I Enforce This Unconstitutional Gun Control Law

Beth Baumann A Sheriff in Colorado told CNN he would rather go to jail than to enforce the state's proposed Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs), commonly referred to as "red ...

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Supreme Court Lets Trump’s Bump Stock Ban Stand

By: TJ Martinell WASHINGTON (March 31, 2019) – In the film Princess Bride, Wesley tells the revenge-bent Indigo Montoya to “get used to disappointment.” This is also good advice for ...

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Testimony on the Tenth and Nullification Before the Ohio House Committee on Federalism

By: Mike Maharrey On March 6, I testified before the Ohio House Committee on Federalism on the Tenth Amendment and how states can push back against overreaching federal authority. During ...

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Constitution 101: The Electoral College

April 1, 2019 Uncategorized 0

By: Mike Maharrey When you head to the polls and vote for the president, you don’t actually vote for the president. You vote for a slate of electors who select ...

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