Beyond the Text: Understanding the Constitution’s Original Meaning

By: Mike Maharrey How do we learn the original meaning of the Constitution? A lot of people will say, “Just read it.” That’s an essential first step, but it’s not quite ...

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Forgotten Founder: James Iredell

October 6, 2019 Founders 0

By: Michael Boldin Born October 5, 1751 – Iredell rose to prominence at just 23 years old, was a leading thinker on issues like sovereignty and federalism, and was one ...

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The Lie of “Separation of Church and State” & the U.S. Supreme Court’s Usurpations of Power

By Publius Huldah 1.  How did it happen that our country became a land where Christian children are forbidden to use the word, “God”, in the public schools; public school ...

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A Warning from 5 Founders on the Danger of Ignoring the Constitution

June 24, 2019 Founders / Usurpation 0

By: Michael Boldin Supporters of the monster state – and a “living, breathing” Constitution – argue that it must be flexible to “change with the times.” Other people turn a ...

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Oppose a Disease at its Beginning

By: Michael Boldin Here at the TAC, we take on a wide range of issues across the political spectrum. And invariably, any time we cover one, we hear some people ...

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State Governments and the People’s Liberty

by Jim Lewis Last week I was having a conversation with an Ohio State Representative, as is the case with most such conversations the topic always turns to Nullification. After ...

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Should James Ceaser Ditch His “FED 49” License Plate?

May 1, 2019 Founders / Framers / Republic 0

by Christopher James Wolfe Professor James Ceaser of the University of Virginia has recently published an article and a video conversation with Bill Kristol on the significance of the appellation, ...

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Today in History: James Monroe was Born

April 30, 2019 Founders / James Monroe 0

By: Dave Benner n April 28, 1758, James Monroe was born. Monroe served in the Continental Army during the War of Independence, where he was wounded and almost died in ...

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Today in History: Founding Father Roger Sherman Born

April 20, 2019 Founders 0

By: Dave Benner On April 19, 1721, Roger Sherman was born. A pivotal figure of the American founding period, he was only one of only two people to sign the ...

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My Congressman- Tired of The Willful Ignorance

KrisAnne Hall I am tired of the willful ignorance. I am tired of the avoidance of accountability. I am tired of the intentional feigning of ignorance... or the arrogant assertion ...

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