Understanding the Constitution: The Power to Restrict Immigration

By: Rob Natelson The Constitution doesn’t use the word “immigration.” Those consulting the constitutional debates of 1787–1790 (such as the essays in “The Federalist”) will find no discussion of the subject. ...

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The Anti-Commandeering Doctrine Isn’t About Constitutionality

August 17, 2021 Anti-commandeering 0

State and local governments can legally refuse to cooperate with the enforcement of federal laws and the implementation of federal programs. And this is key – whether those laws or programs ...

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Militarized TSA Employees Sent to U.S.-Mexico Border

December 28, 2019 Big Brother / DHS / TSA 0

By: jprivate What is left of a once-free country is slowly being turned into a real-life version of East Germany complete with its own version of the Berlin Wall. The ...

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