The Federal Farmer: The Constitution Would Lead to a Complete Consolidation

By: TJ Martinell During the debates over ratification of the Constitution, one of the most influential and important series of papers were written by the Federal Farmer, an anti-federalist who forcefully ...

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The Division of Federal and State Powers

November 1, 2022 Uncategorized 0

By: TJ Martinell How much power would the federal government have? And what powers would the states retain? This was a hotly debated question as the states considered ratifying a new ...

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Patrick Henry Warns of a “Great and Mighty Empire”

By: TJ Martinell On June 5, 1788, Patrick Henry gave a speech at the Virginia Ratifying Convention warning that “consolidation” – centralizing of power – would turn the United States into a dangerous ...

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The Prophetic Anti-Federalist Warnings About Constitutional Taxing Power

August 6, 2022 Anti-Federalists / Taxation 0

By: Bob Fiedler In June 1794 the United States Congress passed a tax on the ownership of carriages. The tax called for a levy, “Upon all carriages for the conveyance of ...

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