Constitutional Sheriff’s and Police Officers Association -Vet Your Sheriff

In February, 2016 CSPOA Leadership developed VET YOUR SHERIFF (VYS) as a non-partisan initiative focused solely on the Constitution.

The Sheriff is identified as the CLEO, or CHIEF LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER, of his/her county. As an elected official he/she is the ultimate protector of the people providing a check and balance locally for any state or federal agency that may infringe the constitutional rights of the people.

As every sheriff takes an oath of office we are of the opinion that they are constitutional sheriffs. We believe that these honorable men and women are ready and willing to serve to the best of their ability and we want to build a relationship with them and support them.

The sheriff is a citizen first. Elected by citizens (the people). And answers ONLY TO THE PEOPLE.

Our goal is to educate citizens and elected officials, from sheriffs to commissioners to judges on their Constitutional rights and responsibilities. With this knowledge we become empowered to walk in our inalienable rights that have endowed upon us by our creator.

Our movement is apolitical as a constitutional Sheriff not defined as Democrat, Republican or Libertarian. A constitutional Sheriff, in reference to their OATH, their citizenry, and the constitution is dedicated to UPHOLDDEFENDPROTECTSERVE.

Obtain your vet your Sheriff’s documents by clicking on the link below.