Abandoning Gold and the Constitution?

February 26, 2019 Constitution / Debt / Government 0

by Mark Pulliam Constitutional law scholars tend to focus on decisions involving abortion, same-sex marriage, desegregation, and administrative law, ignoring one of the 20th century’s most contentious legal battles: creditors’ ...

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Your Bill on the National Debt is $179,908: Due Immediately

February 23, 2019 Debt / Deficit / Government 0

By: Harold Pease Our national debt just exceeded 22 trillion dollars.  To pay this debt today each citizen owes $67,033.  Since children pay no taxes, nor do about 45% of ...

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A Corrupt Republic? Hamilton, Madison, and the Rise of Oligarchy

February 20, 2019 Bureaucracy / Constitution / Debt / Government 0

by Tony Williams During the 1780s, in both war and peace, Alexander Hamilton and James Madison shared a number of political principles. They had a similar view of human nature, ...

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Where do “Rights” come from? What is “federalism”? Does our Constitution “evolve”? What’s a “Republic”? What is the function of a constitution? By Publius Huldah Think NOT that you must have ...

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Capitalism And The Endless Quest For Freedom

with Lawrence Reed Alongside our basic need for shelter, food, and clothing, a person’s yearning for freedom and liberty has always been present no matter what era and time. Lawrence ...

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Why We Are a Republic, Not a Democracy

February 11, 2019 Constitution / Government / Republic 0

by Walter Williams Hillary Clinton blamed the Electoral College for her stunning defeat in the 2016 presidential election in her latest memoirs, “What Happened.” Some have claimed that the Electoral ...

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Government Land Grabs, Regulations Equal Theft

by KrisAnne Hall, JD Government land grabs are becoming more and more prevalent every day.  The federal government is seizing up more and more private land under the auspices of environmental preservation ...

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Tennessee Bills Would Require Courts to Fully Inform Juries

By: Mike Maharrey NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Feb. 5, 2019) – Bills filed in the Tennessee legislature would require state courts to fully inform jurors of their right to use discretion in ...

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Tennessee Bills Would Effectively End Federal Asset Forfeiture Program in the State

February 5, 2019 Constitution / Government / Overreach 0

By: Mike Maharrey NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Feb. 4, 2019) – Bills introduced in the Tennessee legislature would create a process to determine whether there is probable cause before proceeding with asset ...

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James Madison Won the Shutdown

by Greg Weiner Don’t look now, but even as the punditry complains of peak dysfunction, the Constitutional machinery may actually be creaking back to life. The shutdown imbroglio was Woodrow ...

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