TSA Rolls Out Facial Recognition at LAX

By: Mike Maharrey The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recently rolled out facial recognition technology at some Los Angeles International Airport security checkpoints. Called the next generation of Credential Authentication Technology (CAT), ...

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The Fourth Amendment

Restoring the Fourth Amendment’s Oath or Affirmation Clause

The Fourth Amendment’s requirements for obtaining a warrant have been subverted in practice and in legal theory. That’s the argument made in  “The Broken Fourth Amendment's Oath” paper written by ...

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CLEAR Biometrics Wants To Force Employees To Submit To Daily Facial Recognition Checks

By: jprivate For years, the tobacco industry denied smoking causes cancer. Similarly, the biometrics industry, despite knowing facial recognition destroys everyone’s privacy, claims it can help stop the spread of ...

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Cops Use Lexis Nexis Facial Recognition To Identify Your Family And Friends

By: jprivate What is it going to take for Americans to realize that law enforcement has become an extension of Big Brother? All across the country, police officers are secretly ...

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San Francisco Committee Passes Ordinance to Ban Facial Recognition

By: Mike Maharrey SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (May 6, 2019) – Today, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ Rules Committee unanimously approved an ordinance that would set the stage to limit ...

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Amazon Powers Police Facial Recognition: Good Morning Liberty 05-03-19

By: Michael Boldin Amazon’s facial-recognition technology is supercharging local police. On previous episodes of this show, we reported that Amazon has been pushing local and federal agencies to use its ...

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Opt out of Airport Facial Recognition: Good Morning Liberty 04-29-19

By: Michael Boldin Recently a lengthy exchange on Twitter between a traveler who was concerned about her privacy and a spokesperson for the airline JetBlue went viral. But no one ...

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Massachusetts Bill Would Put Moratorium on Police Use of Facial Recognition

By: Mike Maharrey BOSTON, Mass. (April 23, 2019) – A bill introduced in the Massachusetts Senate would place a moratorium on the use of facial recognition technology by law enforcement ...

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Feds Helping to Create 9,000 Spy Zones in U.S. Cities

April 10, 2019 Facial Recognition / Privacy 0

By: jprivate Is there no end to Big Brother’s desire to turn America into a mirror image of China? An article in GoErie revealed how the Feds are classifying parts of cities as ...

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