Why Do Central Bankers Oppose a Gold Standard?

July 19, 2019 Economy / Federal Reserve 0

By: Mike Gleason Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s testimony before Congress was closely scrutinized not just for its economic implications but also for its political overtones. Powell cited “trade tensions” ...

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How the Fed Wrecks the Economy

By: Mike Maharrey When people talk about the economy, they generally focus on government policies such as taxation and regulation. For instance, Republicans credit Pres. Trump’s tax cuts for the ...

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Newsflash: Social Security and Medicare Still Going Broke

By: Mike Maharrey Last year, Social Security and Medicare trustees warned that the programs are going broke. A year later — they’re still going broke. This shouldn’t come as a ...

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Federal Reserve Appears Poised to Resume Monetizing U.S. Government Debt

By: Mike Maharrey It looks like the Federal Reserve is about to get back into the bond business and help the US government deal with its massive debt. The Treasury ...

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This is a Debt Spiral

By: Mike Maharrey The U.S. federal government has spun into a death-spiral. Or perhaps we should call it a debt-spiral.  According to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget president ...

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