Attorney General Nominee Barr Admits Nullification Works

By: Mike Maharrey Thirty-three states have effectively nullified federal marijuana laws. U.S. Attorney General nominee William Barr said so during his confirmation hearing when he called the current system “back door ...

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The Inalienable Right To Life

by KrisAnne Hall, JD It seems to be growing increasingly popular to use the 10th Amendment to justify carte blanche legislative authority within the States. Even some Presidential candidates have ...

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Federal Census- Overly Intrusive, Absolutely Unconstitutional

January 25, 2019 Bureaucracy / Constitution 0

by KrisAnne Hall, JD There have been many questions about the legitimacy of the extremely intrusive questions on the current and most recent government census.  I have recently been instructed ...

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Parchment Barriers and the Determinateness of Constitutional Text

January 25, 2019 Constitution 0

by Mike Rappaport Recently, Jonathan Gienapp, a Stanford historian, has published what is likely to be a widely read book on constitutional interpretation. Second Creation: Fixing the Constitution’s Meaning in the ...

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Campaign Finance Reform Helps Special Interests

January 24, 2019 Constitution / Legislature 0

by Ron Paul One of the new Democratic House majority’s top priorities is so-called campaign finance reform legislation. Contrary to the claims of its supporters, campaign finance reform legislation does ...

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Jefferson vs Hamilton on Necessary and Proper

January 23, 2019 Constitution / Government 0

The necessary and proper clause was never intended to expand federal power. At all. The way most people treat the Constitution’s necessary and proper clause today, we could just as ...

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Feds Spying on Rest Areas Creating a Multi-State Bathroom Surveillance Program

January 23, 2019 Constitution / Liberty / Natural Law 0

DOT’s and police are now spying on rest areas in real-time 24/7. According to an article in the Star Tribune, transportation departments in eight states have installed cameras and sensors in rest ...

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A Constitution of Enumerated Powers

January 22, 2019 Constitution 0

by Jim Lewis Okay, what does it mean to be a Constitution of Enumerated Powers ? First, we need to look up Enumerated to see what it means, more importantly ...

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Blind Partisanship is Toxic

January 21, 2019 Bureaucracy / Government / Legislature 0

By: José Alberto Niño| Partisanship is one of the illnesses plaguing the U.S. body politic. We see this every election cycle as millions of voters cast straight-ticket ballots for candidates ...

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The Resurgent States of America

By: Jackson Pemberton The “United States of America” has become a misnomer. In 1776, the words “state” and “nation” were synonyms. The USA could have been named “The United Nations ...

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