From Nixon to Biden: How the US Turned Banks into Spy Networks

By: Mike Maharrey     “Americans do not have financial privacy, really at all. We have this illusion of financial privacy.” Cato policy analyst Nicholas Anthony summed it up bluntly in an ...

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Virtual Home Invasions: We’re Not Safe from Government Peeping Toms

By: John Whitehead     The spirit of the Constitution, drafted by men who chafed against the heavy-handed tyranny of an imperial ruler, would suggest that one’s home is a fortress, ...

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Utah’s Step-By-Step Strategy Against the Surveillance State

June 19, 2024 Strategy / Surveillance 0

By: Mike Maharrey     When it comes to political activism, a lot of people think they have to accomplish everything all at once. They propose or demand what amounts to ...

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Automatic License Plate Readers: Legal Status and Policy Recommendations for Law Enforcement Use

June 4, 2024 4th Amendment / ALPR 0

SUMMARY: The proliferation of ALPR technology raises serious civil rights and civil liberties concerns. Courts, lawmakers, and technology vendors must take action. Ángel Díaz Rachel Levinson-Waldman PUBLISHED: September 10, 2020 Americans drive. ...

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Has Liberty Died in Our Hearts?

By: Judge Andrew Napolitano Late last week, a judge on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court revealed that he had had enough of the FBI and Congress trashing the Constitution. The normally ...

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Clearview Facial Recognition: A Perpetual Police Lineup

April 24, 2023 Surveillance State 0

By: Mike Maharrey Clearview AI CEO Hoan Ton-That admitted that the company scraped 30 billion photos from Facebook and other social media platforms and used them in its massive facial recognition database ...

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COVID Technologies Feeding Into the Global Surveillance State

December 29, 2022 Surveillance 0

By: Mike Maharrey In another frightening example of “mission creep,” governments around the world are using technologies developed during the COVID-19 pandemic to expand dragnet surveillance. According to an AP report, “Authorities ...

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Big Brother Has Hacked the Constitution

September 13, 2022 Surveillance / Surveillance State 0

By: Mike Maharrey Big Brother has hacked the Constitution. It has been over nine years since Edward Snowden released the first documents exposing the extent of NSA spying to the world. ...

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Using War to Assault Freedom

June 2, 2022 Current Events 0

By: Judge Andrew Napolitano Most judges and lawyers agree that the war on drugs in the past 50 years has seriously diminished the right to privacy guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment. ...

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The Bill of Temporary Privileges

By: Judge Andrew Napolitano Last week, the Director of National Intelligence, the data-gathering and data-concealing arm of the American intelligence community masquerading as the head of it, revealed that in 2021, ...

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