The ideas that formed the Constitution, the pioneers: Socrates, Xenophon, Plato

December 19, 2022 Uncategorized 0

By: Rob Natelson This is the fourth in a series of essays on the ideas behind the Constitution. You can find the first two essays here, here, and here As explained in the second ...

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What Are Rights? This Is What the Founders Believed

December 9, 2022 Founding Principles 0

By: Dan Sanchez In 1776, the Declaration of Independence proclaimed that everyone is endowed with “unalienable Rights.” Years later, the Bill of Rights elaborated on those rights. Subsequently, the rights of ...

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No Place Like Rome: How Classic Republicanism Influenced the Founding Fathers

September 24, 2022 Uncategorized 0

By: Bob Fiedler It has become commonplace for people to explain the current condition of the United States with allusions to the decline of the Roman Empire. But few talk about ...

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Constitutional Genealogy: The New England Confederation of 1643

August 29, 2022 Founding Principles 0

By: Mike Maharrey The foundational ideas underlying the Constitution took root long before the founders drafted the document. In fact, they began to take root in the earliest days of American ...

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10th Amendment Essentials: Sovereignty and Resistance

By: Michael Boldin “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” ...

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The Values in the Constitution

The Declaration of Independence expressed a common American creed: All are born equal before God and the law, God bestows humans with natural rights, some of these rights are unalienable ...

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