A Positive Feedback Loop of Power-Grabbing

June 20, 2024 Founding Principles 0

By: Rudolph Kohn     The classical liberal philosophy expounded by John Locke and many of the American founders was a brilliant attempt to abolish government by the principle of “might ...

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Limited or Absolute Power: Warnings from Anti-Federalist Agrippa

By: TJ Martinell     The Anti-Federalist writer Agrippa powerfully expressed many of the same reservations about the Constitution as other opponents – that it would create a consolidated government leading ...

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Mercy Otis Warren: Constitution Would “Terminate in the Most Uncontrolled Despotism”

By: TJ Martinell   Mercy Otis Warren came down firmly opposed to ratification of the Constitution, and her anonymously written pamphlet titled “Observations on the new Constitution, and on the Federal ...

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No Emergency Powers in the Constitution

By: Jacob Hornberger   It has become an article of faith that under our system of government, federal officials can declare an emergency, which then purportedly authorizes federal officials to exercise ...

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The Real Enforcement Mechanism for the Constitution

By: Michael Boldin   Almost everything people learn about how the Constitution is supposed to be enforced is wrong. As a result, we live under the largest government in history, and ...

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Beyond the Text: Understanding the Constitution’s Original Meaning

By: Mike Maharrey How do we learn the original meaning of the Constitution? A lot of people will say, “Just read it.” That’s an essential first step, but it’s not quite ...

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John Adams: Patriot and Tyrant?

By: Mike Maharrey Many revere John Adams as a great patriot. Others view him as a big-government tyrant. The truth probably lies somewhere in between. Adams was a prominent leader during ...

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A Republic. But They Didn’t Keep it

By: Michael Boldin A Republic, if you can keep it. We’ve all heard this phrase – it’s almost legendary. People have used it in campaigns, slogans, as a book title, in ...

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Convention of States: “Guidelines” for Writing Amendments to the Constitution

August 22, 2023 Constitution 0

by Joe Wolverton, II, J.D In one of its latest blog posts, Convention of States (COS) is once again proving it has no understanding of the Constitution or the principles upon which ...

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The Preamble is the Least Important Part of the Constitution

August 17, 2023 Constitution / Preamble 0

By: Mike Maharrey Most people are familiar with the Constitution’s preamble. A lot of people were required to memorize it in school. But while the preamble is arguably the best-known part ...

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