John Adams: Patriot and Tyrant?

By: Mike Maharrey Many revere John Adams as a great patriot. Others view him as a big-government tyrant. The truth probably lies somewhere in between. Adams was a prominent leader during ...

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A Republic. But They Didn’t Keep it

By: Michael Boldin A Republic, if you can keep it. We’ve all heard this phrase – it’s almost legendary. People have used it in campaigns, slogans, as a book title, in ...

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Convention of States: “Guidelines” for Writing Amendments to the Constitution

August 22, 2023 Constitution 0

by Joe Wolverton, II, J.D In one of its latest blog posts, Convention of States (COS) is once again proving it has no understanding of the Constitution or the principles upon which ...

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The Preamble is the Least Important Part of the Constitution

August 17, 2023 Constitution / Preamble 0

By: Mike Maharrey Most people are familiar with the Constitution’s preamble. A lot of people were required to memorize it in school. But while the preamble is arguably the best-known part ...

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Constituting Unity

August 12, 2023 Constitution 0

by Yuval Levin We live in an age of animosity. Americans are polarized, and often bitterly divided. And the institutions of our public life seem only to exacerbate our discord. ...

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This Week at the Constitutional Convention of 1787: First Draft of Constitution Presented to Delegates

By: Joe Wolverton, II This was a big week in 1787. The delegates at the Constitutional Convention gathered in Philadelphia finally received printed copies of the first draft of what would ...

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America isn’t “One Nation” and that Matters

By: Mike Maharrey The Pledge of Allegiance is wrong. These United States are not “one nation, indivisible.” They are a federation. This may seem like semantical nitpicking, but it is an ...

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Unraveling the “One Nation” Myth

By: Mike Maharrey You’ve been lied to. America is not “one nation.” I know this feels shocking. You’ve proclaimed the United States of America is “one nation, under God, indivisible” your ...

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The ideas that formed the Constitution: Public Education

By: Rob Natelson This is the last in the series on “The Ideas That Formed the Constitution.” It applies the series’ lessons to how we educate our young. The U.S. Constitution ...

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Benjamin Franklin Speech Exposes the Inherent Danger of Power and Money

By: Mike Maharrey On June 2, 1787, Benjamin Franklin delivered a speech at the Philadelphia Convention opposing a provision in the proposed Constitution to pay the president a salary. The speech ...

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