Limited or Absolute Power: Warnings from Anti-Federalist Agrippa

By: TJ Martinell     The Anti-Federalist writer Agrippa powerfully expressed many of the same reservations about the Constitution as other opponents – that it would create a consolidated government leading ...

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Federal Farmer: Amendments are Essential and Necessary

December 19, 2022 Uncategorized 0

By: TJ Martinell In his sixth letter dated Dec. 25, 1787, the Federal Farmer wrote of the “essential and necessary” inclusion of meaningful amendments to the Constitution prior to its ratification. Though ...

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The First Salvo in the Ratification Debates: James Wilson’s State House Speech

By: Bob Fiedler While most people today think of the Federalist Papers as the leading defense of the Constitution’s original meaning, it was actually a speech by James Wilson that had a far ...

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