Resisting Empire, and the Establishment: Delegate Pat McGeehan

By: Mike Maharrey

As a member of the West Virginia House, Del. Pat McGeehan has relentlessly taken on America’s unconstitutional wars. A Republican and a former United States Air Force Intelligence Officer and Captain who served tours in Afghanistan, he’s also had to face off against backlash and dirty tricks from the political establishment in his own party.

For five straight years, McGeehan has introduced the Defend the Guard Act in the West Virginia House. The legislation would prohibit the deployment of West Virginia National Guard troops in “active duty combat” unless there is a declaration of war from Congress. Through a series of shewed strategic moves, McGeehan got the bill to the House floor during the past legislative session. Unfortunately, the powers that be managed to kill the bill this time around. But McGeehan is undeterred.

In this episode of Tenther Talk, we discuss the bill, why he introduced it, and why it matters. As McGeehan put it, if we “rack and stack” state atrocities in our modern age, “number one would be murder and offensive war.” McGeehan also gives us an insider look at the political process and unmasks the powerful lobbyists and special interest that oppose liberty.