Mercy Otis Warren: Constitution Would “Terminate in the Most Uncontrolled Despotism”

By: TJ Martinell   Mercy Otis Warren came down firmly opposed to ratification of the Constitution, and her anonymously written pamphlet titled “Observations on the new Constitution, and on the Federal ...

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How the Federal Reserve Backstops the Biggest Government in History

By: Mike Maharrey   The Federal Reserve is the engine that drives the biggest government in history. Without the central bank’s machinations, the U.S. government wouldn’t be able to borrow and spend ...

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Deciphering the Commander-in-Chief Clause

By: TJ Martinell   The Constitution designates the president as the commander in chief of the “Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, ...

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Depopulation by Design

by Dennis Behreandt   When viewed in the context of U.S. and international policies on population reduction and control, the Covid pandemic was not an isolated or random event. ... ...

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Watchlisted: You’re Probably Already on a Government Extremism List

June 13, 2024 Current Events 0

By: John Whitehead   According to the FBI, you may be an anti-government extremist if you’ve: a) purchased a Bible or other religious materials, b) used terms like “MAGA” and “Trump,” c) ...

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Life, Liberty, and Property: The Influence of John Locke

June 13, 2024 Founding Principles 0

By: Joe Wolverton, II   Despite attempts by educrats and those who would have us ignorant of history to remove him from general public knowledge and conversation, John Locke remains a ...

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Taking Free Speech Seriously

By: Judge Andrew Napolitano   Can the government prevent Big Tech from censoring political and cultural voices on their platforms? Can the government regulate these platforms to compel speech the government ...

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Five Years Later Supreme Court Decision Still Hasn’t Significantly Limited Asset Forfeiture

By: Mike Maharrey   Many people believe the Supreme Court “ended asset forfeiture” with its 2019 opinion in Timbs v. Indiana. As we argued at the time, Timbs ended nothing, and follow-up cases bear ...

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Tyranny Is Rising as Freedom Falls

By: John Whitehead     Day by day, tyranny is rising as freedom falls. The U.S. military is being used to patrol subway stations and police the U.S.-Mexico border, supposedly in the name of ...

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The Rise of Texas

June 11, 2024 Republic of Texas 0

MATT A MAYER Back in July 2022, I published the “Projected 2050 Population & Political Power Series” analyzing population and political power trendlines and projecting what America would look like ...

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