January 13, 2023 Deep State 0

by DAVID S. D’AMATO Much ink has been spilled over the past few years on the subject of “the deep state”—what it is, who operates it, where it is located, ...

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Gas stoves bad. Gene therapy good.

January 13, 2023 Gas Stoves 0

by Karen De Coster Sorry Paul Craig Roberts, but this is not the tyranny of good intentions. This is purposeful tyranny conducted in the name of destroying western civilization. And ...

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The Constitution Failed. It Secured Neither Peace nor Freedom.

January 12, 2023 Constitution / U.S. History 0

by Ryan McMaken If one cares to look, it's not difficult to find numerous columns written for mainstream news outlets announcing that the US Constitution has failed. This ought to ...

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Common Sense: A Scathing Attack on Unlimited, Centralized Power

January 12, 2023 Common Sense / Thomas Paine 0

By: Michael Boldin January 10, 1776. Today in history, Thomas Paine published the first edition of Common Sense – a 47 page pamphlet that defended and inspired the cause of independence like no ...

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The ideas that formed the Constitution: Cicero

January 12, 2023 Cicero 0

By: Rob Natelson The first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth essays in this series addressed the influence on the Constitution of four leading Greek thinkers. There is one more Greek on our list, the biographer Plutarch. He lived ...

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Truth and the Foundations of a Free Republic

January 7, 2023 Truth 0

By Paul E. Scates The philosophy of relativism claims that all truth is relative, and that there is no such thing as absolute truth.  (Of course, if relativism is true, then based on ...

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The Ideas That Formed the Constitution, Part 12: Plutarch

January 7, 2023 Plutarch 0

by Rob Natelson Commentary The historian Livy, whose influence with the founding generation was the topic of the previous installment, died in 17 C.E. In the two centuries following, the ...

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The Ideas That Formed the Constitution, Part 11: Livy

January 6, 2023 Constitution 0

by Rob Natelson Commentary The two previous essays (here and here) observed that the final years of the Roman Republic and the first years of the Roman Empire produced some outstanding poets. ...

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What Ayn Rand Meant by “Americanism”

January 6, 2023 Americanism 0

by Dan Sanchez In 1946, a Russian immigrant to America tried to remind her fellow citizens what America was all about. A publication called The Vigil printed an article that was meant ...

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The Upside-Down Constitution and Its Critics

January 6, 2023 Constitution 0

by Michael S. Greve In revisiting The Upside-Down Constitution ten years after I put that baby to bed, I am violating time-honored principles of sensible authorial conduct. One, as a great Dane ...

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