The Media Suppresses Anyone Who Thinks Like You

by Kurt Schlichter – TownHall

We keep hearing about how various institutions should “be like America,” which apparently does not include you. This is especially true of the garbage media. Where are the traditional, conservative, commonsense voices of people who don’t look like they staggered out of a Goucher College gender studies seminar/struggle session with blue hair and a bolt through their lip babbling about, privilege, patriarchy, and pinkoism? 

You don’t count, at least not to them. In fact, people like you and what you monsters think must be made invisible.

Tom Cotton was invited to write a New York Times op-ed that expressed the sensible position that if local governments could not (or, as seems plausible) would not prevent mass leftist violence, the president should consider the use of active-duty military forces under the Insurrection Act. Polls said that 58 percent of folks agreed with this position, and it is hardly unprecedented in American history. I was personally part of the federal Army force that suppressed the Los Angeles riots in 1992. But the Red Guard Kids who apparently now run the NYT collectively wet themselves in horror and declared a position held by six in 10 Americans completely out of the bounds of acceptable discourse. The sissy management of that garbage fish wrap rolled over and submitted. And the Lil’ Maoists delighted in their total victory.

The alleged Newspaper of Record not only will not, but cannot, dare mention what a huge percentage of Americans believe. And the trash leftist glorified cable access channels are the same. If you happened to be passing through an airport lounge recently, did you see one single voice on MSNBCNN expressing the view that “The rioters are criminal scumbags and that we ought to stop them even if it takes the 82nd Airborne”? No, but the vast majority of people think that.

The left is seeking to define the scope of acceptable thought, and they do it by marginalizing the mainstream and mainstreaming the marginal.

They do it by lying both directly and by omission of normal views the leftists disapprove of. I talk about it in detail (and brutally) in my new non-fiction book The 21 Biggest Lies About Donald Trump (and You!). Even as my tome prepares to drop on 7/7, new examples of this crap keep popping up. 

Look at the “defund the police” idiocy. This sinister power grab – it’s not crazy, but rather a calculated effort to centralize force within left-wing power structures and leave you disarmed and defenseless – gets the support of only a rounding error of American citizens, but it’s the only view you hear on the commie cable shows. Some try to gaslight it so not to freak out the whiny white wine women of suburbia who know their Ken-doll feminized and gunless husbands won’t be able to protect them. The sugar coaters assert that only a stupid conservative dummy would think “defund the police” actually means “defund the police,” just like “believe all women” could never be reasonably interpreted as meaning that people should “believe all women.” 

But others are more honest, or more likely too dumb to play along with the “Don’t freak out the suburban moms until we get Grandpa Badfinger elected” set. On CNN, one Democrat politician asserted that the fear of being robbed, raped and/or killed was evidence of shameful privilege by you selfish monsters who prefer not to be robbed, raped and/or killed. Get that? Now you have to be aware of and ashamed of your Life Privilege.

Taking a knee’s not enough – now you gotta lie down in your coffin to show you’re well and truly woke.

But where is the voice on the big screen or in the paper expressing what those of us who aren’t leftist weirdos think? Where’s the guy or gal or gender unspecified otherkin saying, “I want to give more money to the cops, and then have them aggressively confront and arrest criminals and send the people convicted of serious crimes to jail for a long, long time”? That’s what normal people think. That’s what the people you talk to in your daily life outside the corrupted and useless institutions the left has infiltrated think and say. That’s what people who aren’t idiots say. But you never hear that eminently reasonable and proper view in the media.

And you will never, ever, ever, hear a reasoned, coherent speaker asserting the indisputably wise and necessary position that every healthy and law-abiding citizen buy guns and ammunition in order to be able to personally participate in the defense of him/herself, his/her family, community and Constitution. Remember, the Tater Stelters of the media see their job as gatekeepers keeping the ideas you believe in out of the media so others don’t see that they are not alone. I am reminded of when I got in a fight on-air with the slimy Don Lemon, who freaked out when I colorfully and uncompromisingly observed that Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit is a creepy sexual abuser enabler. He cut my mic after telling me that it was unacceptable to say that – except tens of millions of us knew it. He was terrified that someone was articulately and memorably (I noted that President Clinton turned “his intern into a humidor”) speaking truth to media power.

Understand this. 

Tens of millions of Americans love and respect the flag.

Tens of millions of Americans despise the rioters.

Tens of millions of Americans support our police.

Tens of millions of Americans support President Trump.

You are not alone, no matter how much they lie by omission and otherwise to convince you that you are.