What’s the Real Agenda Behind Red-Flag Confiscations and Gun Controls?

August 5, 2023 Gun Laws 0

By Joanna Martin, J.D. When a person makes threats about killing others, the only constitutionally acceptable course of action is to treat that particular person in accordance with the existing criminal laws ...

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State of the Nullification Movement Report

January 21, 2023 Liberty 0

Get it here (right-click to download) – or scroll down for the full report via Scribd .pdf format (right-click to download and save) How to upload to your Kindle device or app click ...

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Unconstitutional? Extra-Constitutional? What’s the difference?

July 27, 2019 Constitution 0

By: Rob Natelson You often hear that an action is “constitutional” or “unconstitutional.” More rarely, you hear the term “extra-constitutional.” Exactly how do these words differ? An action is constitutional if taken ...

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