The Nullification Movement Pushes Foward: More States Legalize Marijuana Despite Ongoing Federal Cannabis Prohibition

By: Mike Maharrey Voters in two more states approved ballot measures legalizing marijuana on Tuesday despite the ongoing federal prohibition of cannabis, continuing a 50-year history of efforts by the states ...

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St. Louis Bans No-Knock Warrants

June 24, 2022 Uncategorized 0

By: Mike Maharrey A CITY USES NULLIFICATION!! ST. LOUIS, Mo. (June 22, 2022) – Last week, St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones signed an executive order banning no-knock warrants. The ban takes ...

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Feds Sue Missouri over 2nd Amendment Preservation Act

By: Michael Boldin Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a federal lawsuit to block the state of Missouri from its implementation of the Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA). Much ...

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