Constituting Unity

August 12, 2023 Constitution 0

by Yuval Levin We live in an age of animosity. Americans are polarized, and often bitterly divided. And the institutions of our public life seem only to exacerbate our discord. ...

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Six Must Read Sources from Thomas Jefferson and James Madison

By: Michael Boldin Most people today have little to no familiarity with any of the principles that influenced the founders. Below, you’ll find 6 important resources hand-picked by Thomas Jefferson and ...

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Thomas Jefferson and James Madison’s “Must Read” Sources to Understand Liberty and American Government

August 4, 2023 Founding Principles 0

By: Mike Maharrey How can we learn about the founding principles and the meaning of the Constitution? Minutes from an 1825 meeting of the University of Virginia Board of Visitors shed some ...

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Clash of the Titans: Patrick Henry and James Madison and the Virginia Ratifying Convention of 1788

by Joe Wolverton, II, J.D. Anytime anybody asks me what books I would recommend to someone who wants to learn more about the Constitution and to understand exactly what the Founding ...

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Anti-Commandeering: The Top-6 Questions

By: Michael Boldin The most effective way to nullify federal programs is to use James Madison’s advice, “a refusal to cooperate with officers of the Union,” which the Supreme Court has ...

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The Anti-Commandeering Doctrine: An Introduction

By: Mike Maharrey The anti-commandeering doctrine provides a powerful tool to undermine overreaching, unconstitutional federal power. So, what is this doctrine? What is it based upon? And how can it be ...

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James Madison’s Last Day in Office: Veto of the “Bonus Bill”

By: Dave Benner As his last official act as President, James Madison vetoed a bill that would provide federal funding for building roads and canals throughout the United States. Today in ...

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The Cost of the Nation’s Endless Wars

By: John Whitehead Oh, the hypocrisy. To hear President Biden talk about the Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, you might imagine that Putin is the only dictator bent on expanding his military empire ...

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Resistance is Crucial to the Advancement of Liberty

November 26, 2022 Uncategorized 0

By: Mike Maharrey Patrick Henry told us that “government is no more than a choice among evils.” Thomas Paine held the same view. In Common Sense, he wrote, “Society in every state ...

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Necessary is Supposed to Mean Necessary

By: Michael Boldin When the Constitution was ratified, the word necessary meant, well, necessary.  But in the dystopian “future” we live under today, words don’t mean what they actually mean. They ...

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