Federal Farmer: Representation Isn’t Sufficient

By: TJ Martinell When it was ratified, the U.S. Constitution set a cap on the number of representatives at no more than one per 30,000 persons. In his seventh letter dated Dec. ...

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Federal Farmer: Constitution creates “a strong tendency to aristocracy”

December 19, 2022 Ratification Debates 0

By: TJ Martinell In his third letter dated Oct. 10, 1787, the anti-federalist writer Federal Farmer wrote skeptically of the proposed new federal government for fear it would bring about a “tendency toward ...

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The Swamp – Can it be drained ?

June 10, 2018 Legislature 0

The Second Paragraph of the Declaration of Independence obligates each of us to implement a government that will respect the Life, Liberty, and Property of the citizens, just as each of ...

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