The Electoral Count Act Is Unconstitutional

By: Rob Natelson A bipartisan group in Congress is dedicating time to reforming the Electoral Count Act. The Electoral Count Act is the statute purporting to govern how Congress counts electoral votes for ...

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Q&A for State legislators and citizens: The Constitution and how to settle the election

By: Rob Natelson Irregularities in the presidential election returns of six states have sparked the question “What next?” The states are Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Should their state ...

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Mail-in voting and the Constitutions

May 29, 2020 Elections / Section 4 0

By: Publius Huldah 1. As to elections for LOCAL & STATE offices (where no federal elections are on the ballot): What does your STATE CONSTITUTION say? Does it prescribe any ...

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The Road to Hell: Good Intentions in Politics

January 14, 2020 Elections 0

By: Rep. Tony Lovasco (MO-64) Election season is here, and with it comes bold talk from new politicians aspiring to hold office and incumbents looking to retain their seats. Both ...

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