The Supreme Court Was Wrong About Taxes

By: Rob Natelson   Along with some good decisions, Supreme Court justices made some mistakes in the term just ended. One mistake involved taxes—and it is likely to bedevil the court ...

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Insupportable Burdens: Antifederalist Cato No. 6

March 29, 2022 Uncategorized 0

By: Michael Boldin In his 6th paper, Cato predicted direct taxation on individuals in spite of Federalist assurances the government would be able to survive on trade and import duties. He ...

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Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax is unconstitutional – and why you shouldn’t believe law professors’ claims to the contrary

December 8, 2019 Direct Tax 0

By: Rob Natelson Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) proposal for a federal wealth tax is flatly unconstitutional. This is despite two letters of support from 17 law professors, who apparently ...

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