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Package includes Constitution Boot Camp on flash drive, the Handbook For We The People text book, and an electronic copy of the student workbook and teacher’s guide with answer key.


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With your order, you will receive the following:

(1) A flash drive with the Video Boot Camp,
(2) the textbook (“The Handbook for We the People”), and
(3) an electronic version of the workbooks and teacher’s guides designed specifically for the Video Boot Camp.

1. The Flash Drive content covers these subjects:

Segment 1: Total time – 45 minutes
 Misconceptions
 Rights – Natural versus Constitutional
Declaration of Independence

Segment 2: Total time – 45 minutes
 Oath of Office
Enumerated Powers of Congress

Segment 3: Total time – 45 minutes
 Enumerated Powers of the President
 Enumerated Powers of the Judiciary
 God, Church and State

Segment 4: Total time – 45 minutes
 Amendments
 Remedies, including nullification

Also on the Flash Drive:

  1. A folder containing printable Student Workbooks for both the Videos and Handbook
  2. A folder containing the Teacher’s Guides for both the Videos and Handbook and a Host Guide
  3. A folder containing Bastiat’s The Law with a study outline