Politics is Downstream from Culture

by Rick Herron

You may have heard the expression: “Politics is Downstream from Culture”.  By this, it is meant that if you want to change politics, i.e. Who’s people occupy the seats of power,  you must first have the culture on your side.  I agree with this view to the extent it applies to those with the totalitarian impulse.   It is obvious that the promoters of tyranny have been successful in radicalizing generations of Americans by convincing them that freedom is bad and tyranny is good. Aso, Injustice is justice, wrong is right, lies are truth.  These citizens who have been inculcated into the new culture have also gotten themselves involved in politics.  So for them, it is true that “Politics is Downstream from Culture”.  For Conservatives?  Not so much.

Though there is a small number of conservative who get involved in politics, for the most part they do not.  So for them politics is not downstream from culture.  Conservatives do watch politics but do not actually “Do” politics.  They are more akin to fans in the bleachers at a sporting event, cheering and booing but not actually playing.

The fact of the matter is that there are more than enough conservatives to put our government back into the business of securing our God given rights; if they would but engage.

Generally speaking, freedom loving people outnumber the tyrants by two to one and maybe more.  Liberties’ problem isn’t that she’s unpopular.  Her problem is that for every totalitarian that gets involved in politics, there are two of us that do not.  We just want to be left alone and to leave others alone as well; to live and let live.  The so-called “Woke”, are listening to the voice of a foreign ideology.  They will not live and let live, they are very much interested in your every thought and deed.  And they are determined to destroy you, and themselves, and the whole world, if that is what it takes, to have total power.  They would rather “Reign in Hell than to Serve in Heaven”.  

The Iron Curtain is not just falling on eastern Europe this time, it is falling on our beloved  United States of America, and if those who just want to live and let live, want to continue in that basic liberty, then you had better get yourselves involved in politics, and in a hurry.

But where to start?  There are many maxims pertaining to politics; these three are some of the most important:  “People Are Policy”, “Process is the most important Policy”,  “All Politics is Local”.

“People are Policy”. means that it is a waste of time to beg the wrong people to do the right thing.  If an office holder is not fighting for liberty then replace him.

“Process is the most important Policy”. In a legislative battle, the winner  is not the guy who can craft the most beautiful piece of legislation, the prize always goes to the guy that controls the Process.  The machinery of government.  The committees and especially the leaders of those committees and most especially the leaders of the legislature itself.

“All Politics is Local”  means that you do not have to leave your hometown to affect what goes on in the state and federal capital.  If of course, you know what you’re doing.

If you are ready to start doing politics, start by reading this book:  Actually Making a Difference

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