Horowitz: Comprehensive analysis of 50 states shows greater spread with mask mandates

For months, we’ve been lectured to by the political elites that cases of coronavirus are spreading too quickly and that we must wear masks to stop the spread. The obvious fault with their act of desperation is that they can no longer mask the fact that most parts of the country have already been fully masked for months — long before the ubiquitous spread this fall.

Do mask mandates work? Our analysis below. We looked at cases on days where mask mandates were in place vs when they were not. We calculated the cases per day adjusted for population and: WITH MASK MANDATE: 27 cases per day per 100K people NO MASK MADATE 17 cases


That’s right. With mandates in place, states say 10 more cases per 100K population. Here’s the breakdown by state. Many states have had days with mandates (blue) and without (orange) Drawn your own conclusions.


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