Did Trump Know Election Fraud was a Lie?

By Joe Fried

As a general rule, a prosecutor can’t establish criminality unless he demonstrates criminal intent. For that reason, Special Counsel Jack Smith is trying to establish that President Trump knew for a fact that he had lost the election. I have a problem with Smith’s reasoning because, to this day, I am certain that Trump did not lose the election. Here is some of the evidence.

Strange ballots in Fulton County

A review of Fulton County’s 147,000 mail-in paper ballots has been continuously blocked by the Georgia Secretary of State. However, a diligent nonprofit organization ( managed to get some low-resolution ballot images of Fulton’s ballots. The findings are astonishing, and entirely verifiable:

  1. In Georgia, every scanned ballot has to produce two files: an image file (.tif) and an authentication file (.sha). Those two files are produced simultaneously. Yet, for more than 16,000 ballots, the authentication files were made hours or even days after the image files. How is that possible?
  2. 17,724 final certified recount presidential votes have no image (.tif) files. They have no support whatever. This appears to be another impossibility because the image is needed to create a “cast vote record,” which is needed to tabulate the vote. It is possible that Fulton County discovered a ballot shortage in the recount. Rather than concede that Trump may have won, someone stuffed 17,000 paper ballots into cardboard boxes. However, the person didn’t make a scanned image of each ballot because the dates on the scans would have revealed the hoax.
  3. 132,284 mail-in ballot images (.tif files) cannot be authenticated due to missing .sha files.

Those are just three of the 15 findings that were itemized by VoterGA. See its video presentation @27:00. For images of Georgia ballots and evidence of more irregularities and impossibilities, see .

More ballots than voters in Pennsylvania

In violation of PA law (25 PA. Stat. §3154), the election was certified with a massive excess of ballots over voters. To be clear, I am talking about the excess of ballots over registered voters who actually voted (not the excess over all registered voters).

The 202,000 voter deficit was a key reason many Republicans, including at least 16 members of the Pennsylvania Assembly, wanted Vice President Mike Pence to delay announcement of the electors for 10 days. They naively thought there is supposed to be just one ballot for every voter. Details, details.

Months after the election was certified, the excess remained. A fine organization, Verity Vote, attempted to shed light on the matter by preparing a detailed analysis based on information obtained from numerous Right to Know requests. Verity Vote estimated that, as of early 2021, the voter deficit was about 121,000. Later, I submitted my own Right to Know requests. Based on the updated information produced from those requests, and generously interpreting the information in the most favorable way for the Secretary of State, my estimate was 91,000. Either way, the deficit is substantially more than Biden’s official winning margin.

Jesse Morgan and his tractor trailer of ballots

There is information that may corroborate the voter deficit we just discussed. Jesse Morgan was a subcontractor tractor trailer driver for the U.S. Postal Service. He has consistently stated that he transported up to 280,000 completed ballots from New York to Pennsylvania, shortly before the election.

The Post Office Inspector General (OIG) investigated, and in its highly-redacted “Closing Memorandum,” the OIG does not deny that Morgan was a subcontractor truck driver who took mail from Bethpage to Harrisburg, and then to Lancaster. In addition, the OIG acknowledges that a contractor in Rochester, New York printed 650,000 general election ballots that somehow went to the Philadelphia area before the election (450,000 ballots to Philadelphia County and 200,000 to Chester County).

Here is the fascinating part. In explaining how the printing company delivered those ballots to the Pennsylvania counties, the OIG states:

[Redacted name of printing company] explained, but could not confirm, the ballots for both PA BOEs [Pennsylvania Boards of Elections] were most likely delivered to those respective locations by their delivery trucks, or entered in the mail stream locally in Rochester, NY (emphasis added).

So, the printing company produced 650,000 general election ballots, which were probably sold for a great amount of money. Yet, that company didn’t know — a year and a half after later — how it managed to get the ballots into Pennsylvania? Did it use its own trucks, or the postal service? See Closing Memorandum, page 12.

Even more amazing is the fact that the Post Office could not figure out whether or not it took the 650,000 ballots into Pennsylvania. Maybe it did, and maybe it didn’t. I guess the Post Office doesn’t use “tracking.”

Fact: Michigan had an illegal election

Prior to the 2020 election, the Michigan Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson, said signature matching was the best way to authenticate ballots. After making that statement, however, Benson gutted the signature standard by telling election clerks to “presume” signatures were valid. So, there was absolutely no way to authenticate ballots in Michigan.

Trump sued to require signature verification, and he won — four months after the election. That is when a judge ruled that Jocelyn Benson had broken the law. Due to her actions, the Michigan election is invalid, and should be decertified.

Arizona and the phony overseas military vote

Imagine this: In Maricopa County, where Trump received about 49 percent of the vote and Biden got about 51 percent, the overseas military and citizens vote split like this: Trump 5 percent and Biden 95 percent. In addition, there was almost no documentation to support those bizarre numbers, which accounted for 8,000 of Biden’s 10,400 vote winning margin. See video @1:53.

Arizona evidence of 204,000 harvested ballots

In Maricopa County, a panel of six people, including three document examiners, determined that 12 percent of sampled mail-in ballots appeared to be phony. It was a six to zero decision that implies that 204,000 mail-in ballots were phony, countywide. That would be almost 20 times Biden’s winning margin. No one has successfully challenged this state-of-the-art test, prepared by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai.

Pima county and the allegation of ballot stuffing for Biden

Way back in 2020, this allegation went to the criminal division of the Department of Justice (DoJ) in Washington, but the DoJ isn’t talking. An anonymous whistleblower said he was at a meeting of Democrats where a plan was hatched to add 35,000 votes to Biden’s totals. I have repeatedly tried to get information from the DoJ, but have been ignored. Thanks to Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai and his unique and brilliant statistical analysis, we know that this allegation is highly credible.


Jack Smith would have zero chance of getting a conviction, if this trial were held in a neutral venue. However, it will be in Washington D.C., where about 95 percent of the citizens are Democrats. For this reason, Trump and the other defendants may have to win this one on appeal.

For more information concerning these matters, check out of Debunked? and How Elections are Stolena new book that outlines 23 problems that must be fixed before the 2024 elections.