REAL ID: 15 Years On and Still Not in Full Effect

May 19, 2023 DHS / Real ID Act 0

By: Mike Maharrey On this date in 2008, the REAL ID Act was supposed to go into effect. It didn’t. And it still isn’t in full effect to this day. Last ...

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The FDIC: Another Dark Legacy of FDR

May 10, 2023 Economy / FDIC / Federal Programs 0

By: Jacob Hornberger In 1933, the Franklin Roosevelt Administration brought into existence the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Along with FDR’s nationalization of gold, his adoption of a paper-money system, his enactment ...

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The ideas that formed the Constitution: Vattel and the Law of Nations

By: Rob Natelson Within the Constitution’s text are meanings most purported constitutional experts never see. They fail to see those meanings because they don’t take the trouble to learn enough about ...

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Those Smearing SCOTUS Are The Biggest Threat To American ‘Democracy’

May 6, 2023 Politics / SCOTUS 0

BY: DAVID HARSANYI Destroying trust in the court opens the floodgates for government abuse and destabilizes the nation in unprecedented ways.   The other day, Chris Murphy was on MSNBC with ...

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Recovering Virtue Means Recovering Self-Government

May 5, 2023 Self-Governance / Virtue 0

by Tyler Syck Since the age of Jackson, conservatives have been skeptical of democracy. In their eyes, the democratization in the early nineteenth century disrupted the republican order of the ...

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Disarm the IRS, De-Militarize the Bureaucracy, and Dismantle the Standing Army

By: John Whitehead “There are instruments so dangerous to the rights of the nation and which place them so totally at the mercy of their governors that those governors, whether legislative ...

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Central Bank Digital Currency: Paper Money isn’t the Solution

By: Mike Maharrey Physical paper money solves some of the privacy and security issues inherent in central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). But a lot of people seem to have forgotten that ...

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The War on Free Speech is Really a War on the Right to Criticize the Government

By: John Whitehead Absolutely, there is a war on free speech. To be more accurate, however, the war on free speech is really a war on the right to criticize the ...

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Resolution Affirming State Nullification Introduced in Louisiana

April 26, 2023 Constitution / Politics 0

by Peter Rykowski A resolution affirming “the sovereign right of Louisiana to nullify unconstitutional acts of the federal government” has been introduced in the Louisiana state Legislature. Senate Concurrent Resolution No. ...

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BOTH Major Parties Pursuing Lenin’s “Capitalism”-destruction Strategy

April 26, 2023 Inflation / Taxation 0

 by Selwyn Duke “The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them down between the millstones of taxation and inflation,” goes a line apparently misattributed to Vladimir Lenin. While the ...

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