No Emergency Powers in the Constitution

By: Jacob Hornberger   It has become an article of faith that under our system of government, federal officials can declare an emergency, which then purportedly authorizes federal officials to exercise ...

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The Real Enforcement Mechanism for the Constitution

By: Michael Boldin   Almost everything people learn about how the Constitution is supposed to be enforced is wrong. As a result, we live under the largest government in history, and ...

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D-Day, June 6, 1944 & Nazi Aggression that Led Up to It

June 6, 2024 D-Day / WW II 0

American Minute with Bill Federer FDR "A Struggle to Preserve our Republic, our Religion & our Civilization"   After World War I, Germany's economy suffered from depression and a devaluation of their ...

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The Meaning of “Regulate Commerce” to the Constitution’s Ratifiers

By: Rob Natelson, Published on: Feb 7, 2024 Constitutional Background The constitutional justification for much of the federal regulatory and administrative apparatus rests on either of two very wide interpretations of ...

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Unpopular View #1: The Right Has Too Many Grifters Mooching Off the Base

June 5, 2024 Career Politicians 0

MATT A MAYER FEB 26, 2024 Matt nails it with this column, his examples look like my emails too!!!!  Jim Lewis I know many readers will disagree with this column, ...

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Beyond the Text: Understanding the Constitution’s Original Meaning

By: Mike Maharrey How do we learn the original meaning of the Constitution? A lot of people will say, “Just read it.” That’s an essential first step, but it’s not quite ...

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Executive Order 6102: A Deep Dive into FDR’s Gold Confiscation Program

By: Mike Maharrey   Franklin D. Roosevelt’s gold confiscation order in 1933 attempted to remove most gold from private hands. But due to widespread noncompliance, it ultimately failed to accomplish that ...

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The Tyranny of the Majority

June 4, 2024 Democracy / Liberty / Tyranny 0

By: Judge Andrew Napolitano     Does it really matter if the instrument curtailing liberty is a monarch or a popularly elected legislature? This conundrum, along with the witty version of ...

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Patrick Henry’s Virginia Resolves: Bedrock Principles of American Liberty

By: Michael Boldin   On his 29th birthday – May 29, 1765 – Patrick Henry helped spark the American Revolution. His Virginia Resolves against the Stamp Act not only dared to ...

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The Biden Family’s Deeply Troubling History Compared to the Trump Family Is Far From Normal

June 4, 2024 Family Troubles 0

MATT A MAYER MAR 04, 2024 There by the grace of God go all of us. I don’t write this column to make light of Hunter Biden’s long addiction issues, but ...

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