Six Problems with Federal Land Ownership: Good Morning Liberty 01-16-19

January 17, 2019 Bureaucracy / Constitution 0

By: Michael Boldin The federal “shutdown” is showing a serious need to decentralize national parks – but the land issue goes much deeper. On this episode of Good Morning Liberty, ...

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Dickinson, “Penman of the Revolution,” on Freedom of the Press

by David F. Forte On October 17, 1774, John Dickinson entered Carpenters’ Hall in Philadelphia and took his place as a delegate from Pennsylvania at the First Continental Congress. The ...

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Alaska Bill Would Legalize Raw Milk and Hinder FDA Regulation of Local Food Sales

By: Mike Maharrey JUNEAU, Alaska (Jan. 15, 2019) – A bill prefiled in the Alaska House would exempt food sold directly from producer to consumer from state regulation and specifically legalize ...

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Problems with Excessive Federal Land Ownership

By: Rob Natelson Ryan Zinke’s departure as interior secretary offers President Trump a chance to replace him with an appointee committed to a step long overdue: disposing of dysfunctional and ...

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The Right to Life and the Right to Bear Arms

January 16, 2019 Constitution / Natural Law 0

By: Jackson Pemberton The right to life is the most fundamental natural right. When a life ends, all other questions about rights become moot. So it seems we will need ...

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The Emergency Is Outcome-Based Constitutionalism

by Greg Weiner Two points about the National Emergencies Act, on which President Trump would presumably rely to declare an emergency for purposes of building a border wall without Congressional ...

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Natural Rights: The Cornerstone of the Constitution

January 14, 2019 Constitution / Natural Law 0

By: Jim Lewis The cornerstone of the U. S. Constitution depends on the proper understanding of Natural Rights belonging to every human being. The U.S. government is the first and ...

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Constitutional Sheriff’s and Police Officers Association -Vet Your Sheriff

In February, 2016 CSPOA Leadership developed VET YOUR SHERIFF (VYS) as a non-partisan initiative focused solely on the Constitution. The Sheriff is identified as the CLEO, or CHIEF LAW ENFORCEMENT ...

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This Is What Winning Looks Like! By: Mike Maharrey

When President Trump signed legislation legalizing industrial hemp into law, it was a huge win for liberty. And it happened because state’s acted first. Make no mistake; hemp isn’t federally legal now ...

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More than Victims

January 12, 2019 History / Liberty 0

William Cooper Nell was the publisher of Frederick Douglass’s abolitionist newspaper the North Star. His work The Colored Patriots of the American Revolution was previously used as a textbook as ...

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