Our greatest opposition isn’t from the left

By: Michael Boldin

As someone featured on the SPLC “hatewatch” list for 7 years – they refer to me as one of 30 dangerous “leaders of the radical right” – I know a thing or two about the insane attacks that come from the left. More so than most.

Oppose their plans, and they’ll call you racist or a neoconfederate – or claim you’re peddling hate.

Our work at Tenth Amendment Center has been attacked repeatedly by Rachel Maddow, ThinkProgress and others of that ilk.

But we know that if you’re not catching flak, you’re not over the target.

And our work in support of the Constitution has been over the target for a long time.

With all that, you’d think we’d get way more flak from people on the left than anywhere else.

Nope. And it’s not even close.

Never has been.