Dr. Joseph Warren | In Memorial

I want to share with you a story of some long since forgotten militiamen, I think you will agree one really stands out but we haven’t heard much about him, Dr. Joseph Warren. There were many but this one soldier stands out as he served the Lord in his heart, mind and actions on and off the field of battle, with much dismay of the British. His actions exemplified humility, meekness and courage, unhuman courage few have ever mustered since or likened to in history, nor would ever wish to willingly experience.  I believe he must have been granted a communion with the Holy Spirit in order to make the decision that he made on this fateful day of June 17, 1775. 

 This is a man that could and should be celebrated but he is not heard of much, long since forgotten are the battles throughout the colonies, the deceit, the treachery afoot, the spies, the danger, the loyalties to the crown, the reasoning for the insurrection to the crown and those treasonous revolutionaries, traitors to the British Empire.

Sadly most in government positions today would have considered Militia founders. leaders, Domestic Terrorists today.  

 This one man’s act of valor perhaps is not spoken of today because it leaves men contemplating if they could ever actually do this, it is so uncommon. This Militiaman makes General Patton look like a little sissy.  

 The Divine Providence and hand of God was on every decision that day.

 He, like many others, are just men performing their reasonable service, that many did in this part for the revolution, like so many of our forefathers and ancestors. This one man though, a man that you never heard of much was such an intrical part of our Nation’s formation.  In April 1775 just prior to the Battle of Lexington and Concord there was a Doctor named Joseph Warren, who put forth the motion that began the intention of Revolution or at least a heavily armed resistance and protest..

 It had been, Dr. Joseph Warren that dispatched, William Dawes and  Paul Revere by separate routes to warn John Hancock, Samuel Adams, and other patriot Leaders of the impending British march on Lexington Green! Lexington Green was the lawn of the Church of Lexington pastored by Jonas Clark.  Sam Adams and Hancock were seeking shelter in the Pastor’s home at the time, as they were wanted men by the British. Pastor Clark gave an eyewitness account of the Battle of Lexington many of the Militia men fighting were from his own congregation. On the one year anniversary of the battle pastor Jonas Clark wrote an article. “The Fate of Blood Thirsty Oppressors and God’s Tender Care of His Distressed People”. Dr. Joseph Warren was commissioned as a Major General by the Provincial Congress and would serve at the battle of Bunker Hill June 17, 1775.  2400 of the Finest British troops advanced against 1500 Boston Militiamen. Major General Dr. Joseph Warren expressed that he wanted to fight only as a private, he demoted himself prior to the battle and wanted to place himself at the point where the battle would be hottest. Eyewitnesses said Warren’s example of bravery gave the colonists courage to hold rank in the face of superior infantry. The British were repelled twice but took the Hill on the third charge. It was during the third charge Private Dr. Warren took a musket ball to the head, by this time it was hand to hand combat, Warren and the other men were out of ammunition. The British stripped Dr. Warren’s body naked and bayoneted until it was completely unrecognizable. His body was thrown in a shallow ditch. Two days afterward, A British lieutenant threw off the dirt covering of Dr. Warren’s body, spit upon his face, jumped on his stomach and then cut off his head. Month’s later the body of Dr. Warren was exhumed and given proper burial by Warren’s two brothers aided by Paul Revere. His body is now together in his family’s vault. 

Dr. Joseph Warren was one of the colonies most respected and influential leaders.

His Death perhaps more than any -other- helped galvanize the resolve of patriot leaders in their determination to declare independence.


This article was an Inspired by a page from Dr. Chuck Baldwin and his book (The Freedom Documents).

Copies of his work can be found at