ATF – FBI | Are Only 3% Heroes?

97% of the ATF-FBI should consider removing the planks from their own eyes.

Only 3% are ATF-FBI Heroes? Mr. Chipman may fill the director position at the ATF, likes to call himself a 97% er? I am sure the 97% does an amazing  job on human trafficking, pedophile cases, murders, etc,. What about restraint? There could be heroes if more of them than the 3% ATF-FBI  would defend the Constitution. I know for a fact the 3% of the force is certainly doing the job justice.  A Constitutional Amendment is required or lets face it most Laws can’t exist so how can they require agency? Why are still many illegal laws enforced, by whom and why?  This is the whole basis of the argument.  Ignoring the Constitution that restrains them, makes them into criminals not 3 % ATF-FBI heroes , as they accept a BRIBE called a “paycheck” every week paid in a fiat currency, not paid in gold or silver coined by Congress, it was their first mistake but not their last. Well,but, but, “the majority said paper is legal tender”….No, wrong it’s fake money and you will never investigate it, but 3% ATF FBI heroes will someday. The Biden Camp intends on making criminals out of good people and will try to use the ATF- FBI heroes to do it.

LET ME BE CLEAR: It doesn’t matter what anyone “said” or if 97% said it was Ok, to impose upon people, against their inherent rights, without the Constitutional Amendment you are being manipulated to enforce invalid laws and accept illegal currency as pay, the 3% ATF-FBI heroes know this. Let’s focus on guns though instead of the illegitimate money in your own wallet. The next time they want you boys to go grab guns  just check for yourself, where is the Constitutional Amendment?  Well, if you did this, you wouldn’t have a job tomorrow, then would you? If you are an ATF- FBI Hero you are not the 97% that are obeying unconstitutional Laws, infringing upon the rights of the 3% and are interested in perpetuating criminal mob-like violence upon citizens based on the mob-ruled Democracy, not obedient or restrained as in a Lawful Constitutional Republic.

What further invalidates the agencies is the refusal to investigate the Ponzi scheme and counterfeit fiat currency because they themselves have benefitted from it, it’s in their wallets and retirement accounts, so it must be ok.   A demand for legitimacy cries out from the Founders very first Convention of States, As the Constitution Demands! ATF-FBI Heroes? Only heroes I see are 3%  The Constitution ignored and undefended calls these agencies completely invalid, without just powers granted.  Our employees now aren’t paid to defend the Constitution are they? No, are the ATF-FBI Heroes employed and appointed by the corrupt to usurp the Constitution? Yes, on behalf of the corrupt hypocritical politicians behalf.

Law Enforcers? Defenders of the Constitution? ATF-FBI heroes? “they are just doing their jobs”  I mean, they do have the very coolest tactical gear and look the part of legitimacy, but they are just like our fake money, invalid.  Paper money will soon be as worthless on their watch, the printing press isn’t stopping and they aren’t arresting anyone of significance.. The self proclaimed Legacy of the ATF office according to their own falsehood on their page was “since 1791”. If that were remotely true, shouldn’t the office understand it was unlawful to cause a Felony upon a citizen as in 1933 and confiscate the citizens gold, without a Constitutional Amendment? Should they not uphold the office and defend the Constitution from this paper currency scam not backed in precious metals? Remember Washington was going after taxes, not the property, anyone taking Washington’s musket would have been shot dead for Treason.

 No, They didn’t obey the Law of the Land in 1933  and they won’t obey now. Federal Agency did what they were told ignoring the Constitution and got paid, to allow a mob of corrupt politicians to run over our Constitution, they take the fiat money every week in their left hand and hold up their right to God to defend the Constitution. What a load of Bull****.  Let’s face it the mob created their agency, the mob still controls their agency, they will hire a director with Bias against the Constitution as it has been in the past but that’s nothing of any new is it?

This article below from the Tenth Amendment Center discusses the Constitutionality of paper money.   97% Law Enforcer, you should consider arresting yourselves first.  You are actually working for the real criminals and terrorists in government offices and ivory towers but once again you already know this.

By: Jacob Hornberger|Published on: May 24, 2021|Categories: Article I Section 10, Article I Section 8 

The official money of the United States today is paper currency. But that’s clearly not what the Constitution says. It says that gold and silver coins shall be the nation’s currency. 

How is that possible? I thought the Constitution was supposed to be the highest law of the land. I also thought that it was the responsibility of the U.S. Supreme Court to enforce the Constitution. Why then are Americans living under a paper-money monetary system rather than the system stipulated in the Constitution?

Article 1, Section 8, of the Constitution gives Congress the power to “coin money.” It is not given any power to “print” money. Coining money is not printing money. At the risk of belaboring the obvious, coining money entails making coins out of metals.

The Framers preferred coins made from gold and silver. How do we know this? Because of Article 1, Section 10, which states in part: “No State shall make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a tender in Payment of Debts.”

It would be difficult to get any clearer than that. So the question naturally arises: Why have the States made paper money a tender in payment of debts, given that the Constitution expressly limits them to making only gold and silver coin legal tender? And why hasn’t the Supreme Court forced the states to comply with the Constitution?

Equally important, why has the Supreme Court failed to force the federal government to comply with the Constitution? It’s clear that by the express language of the Constitution, the Framers, as well as our American ancestors, not only favored gold and silver coins as the official money of the United States but also engrafted such a system onto the Constitution itself? Isn’t it the responsibility of the Supreme Court to enforce the Constitution?

It was President Franklin Roosevelt who, along with his Congress, abrogated America’s founding monetary system. Citing the economic emergency of the Great Depression, Roosevelt and his Congress decreed that America would no longer use gold and silver coins as its official money. Instead it would resort to paper money as its official money. 

Roosevelt then went a step further. He ordered everyone to turn in his gold coins to the federal government. In return, they would receive paper money. Anyone who was caught owning gold coins — which had been the official, legal money of the American people for more than a century — would be criminally prosecuted for a felony.

There was at least one big problem, however, with Roosevelt’s actions: He didn’t secure a constitutional amendment prior to nationalizing gold and making paper money legal tender. Remember: the Constitution is the highest law of the land. It controls the actions of the president and Congress. The executive and legislative branches cannot amend the Constitution. They are required to comply with the Constitution.


Moreover, the Constitution does not provide an emergency exception. That means that its provisions remain fully operative and enforceable despite any emergency. 

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court abrogated its responsibility to enforce the Constitution, which enabled Roosevelt to get away with his monetary power grab. 

That’s how Americans have came to live under a paper-money system notwithstanding the clear language to the contrary in the Constitution. That’s also how federal officials have been able to confiscate the income and wealth of the American people through decades of monetary debasement.                                                                                  


From the ATF’s page lol…. George Washington started the ATF apparently. No.

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ATF Special Agent (retired), Gun Violence Prevention Advocate

Michigander in Virginia and Proud 97%er. 

“Office of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue U.S. Department of Treasury 1791-1919”

In the Beginning…

“The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ (ATF) law enforcement legacy began in 1791 when the first tax on whiskey was passed under President George Washington and U.S. Department of the Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton. Driven by specific legislation, ATF’s legacy evolved through various eras under the U.S. Department of the Treasury, first as part of the Office of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue created by the U.S. Congress in 1792, and later with the Bureau of Internal Revenue, created in 1862.  Today’s ATF Special Agents and Industry Operations Investigators are directly descended from the earliest Internal Revenue Collectors, Deputy Collectors, Assessors, Gaugers, Storekeepers and Inspectors who served during this long historical legacy period.  The star badge is believed to be the original issue of that era.”