Packaged – Constitution Bootcamp on Video and We The People Handbook – Read more….

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Package includes Constitution Boot Camp on Flash Drive, The Handbook For We The People text book, the Student Workbook and Teacher’s Guide with answer key.


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With your order, you will receive:

(1) the USB content of the subject matter,
(2) the Textbook (“The Handbook for We the People”), and
(3) and electronic version of the workbook designed specifically for the USB content.

1. The USB content covers these subjects:

Segment 1: Total time – 45 minutes
 Misconceptions
 Rights – Natural versus Constitutional
 Declaration of Independence

Segment 2: Total time – 45 minutes
 Oath of Office
 Enumerated Powers of Congress

Segment 3: Total time – 45 minutes
 Enumerated Powers of the President
 Enumerated Powers of the Judiciary
 God, Church and State

Segment 4: Total time – 45 minutes
 Amendments
 Remedies, including nullification

2. Textbook “The Handbook for We the People”.
Reading this text book will give you the factual backup for discussion of the segments.

3. Workbook (electronic) for the video presentation
Designed as a mini textbook. The workbook goes along faithfully with the USB content. In the electronic form, you can either duplicate it for your guest class members or you can send it to them via email prior to your scheduled event for the class members to print out themselves.


4. Workbook (electronic) for the Textbook in the event you hold a class.

5. Teacher’s edition of the Workbook for the Textbook (electronic) above with answers.

6. Surprise short video