Constitution Boot Camp on MAY 15, 2021 in Kalkaska Michigan

Building Blocks For Liberty will be holding our 62nd Constitution Boot Camp at the Kalkaska County Commission on Aging in Kalkaska, Michigan on August 8, 2020! Do you really know what the Constitution says ? What basic principle did the Founding Fathers base the whole Constitution and government on ? What is the cornerstone to the Constitution ? Where in the Constitution do you find YOUR RIGHTS ? If you don’t know the answer to even just one of these questions, you need to take this class.

The cost is modest at just $25 per person! For families, it’s just $5 for each additional family member (A family of five would pay just $45). Alumni can take the class again for just a $5 donation !
AND, the first 10 students who register will attend for FREE !!

Here’s what you will receive for $25: 3 books; The Handbook For We the People, The Federalist Papers, and The Citizen’s Rule Book, plus everyone gets a binder with the presentation in it. In addition, LUNCH is on us!

We present the Constitution as the founders’ intended it to be understood.

When : Saturday May 15, 2021
Time : 8:45 AM – 3:00 PM
Cost : $25 with books / $5 without
RSVP: with your name, email, # of book sets
Place : Kalkaska County Commission on Aging
303 S Coral St
Kalkaska, MI 49646