Constitution Boot Camp Class at Beavercreek High School on September 10th

Join us for this one-day, seminar style class that will give you a working knowledge of the US Constitution including its purpose, and true meaning.

You will leave with an understanding of the founder’s intentions for our nation and the ways in which we are dangerously off-course.

Learn to recognize when political power is legitimate and when it is being usurped- and what you can do about it!

The first step to restoring our Constitutional Republic is for you to understand the Constitution and the limits it places on our federal government.

Join us on September 10, 2022 in Beavercreek, OH at Beavercreek High School, Ferguson Hall!

Students attend this class for free!

To register for this class email with the names, emails and number of book sets needed. To obtain a scholarship also tell us who are students when you register.

This class will be held at the following location:

Beavercreek High School, Ferguson Hall
2680 Dayton Xenia Road
Beavercreek, OH 45434